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Bushflying on Otjivero
two cheetahs approching 01/190

We offer a 7-10 day bushflying course. Our experienced instructors will show you all the tricks flying in the Namibian conditions.
Since we are at 5500 ft above sea level - in short 'Hot and high', flying can be extremely challenging, but our instructors are masters in these conditions and after your visit you will master the techniques of short field landings and take-off, lowlevel flying, and all the other challenges the namibian weather can and will throw at you. On a warm day the 5500ft can easily become a 7000+ ft and we all know what that does to an engine and performance. The runway is 800m - North/South and the other 400m east
Both runways are 10m wide.

You will be flying short excursions to neighbouring farms performing touch downs to get used to different approach scenarios.
Should all the 'holes in a swiss cheese' line up - we get the paperwork and our instructor gives you his 'stamp of approval' you will be flying on your own.
After the landing however the real challenge will come your way being knighted a 'Namibian Bushpilot'

Approach on Otjivero
two cheetahs approching 01/190

Touchdown on Otjivero
UEG landing 01/190