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Trip #2
Route we followed

Our second trip with Thomas, Neurath, Stephan and Josef.

Day 1
We started off early morning towards Neurath's farm in the Karibib area. The flight was uneventful except for the tower of the Hosea CTR. She was
Still a trainee I think…asking every 10 minutes our position and giving us a string
of commands – height, position, speed etc. once we left the 50mile radius it was pleasantly quiet.
Reaching Neurath’s farm, we did our calls and as expected both Thomas and Neurath had smooth landings on the 1KM strip We were picked up by Gerson the farm foreman. He took us to the house which is only a 5-minute drive from the strip. Neurath whipped up a quick breakfast and we started to relax.
Day 2
The next morning around 8:00 after a quick coffee and some biscuits we set off towards Swakopmund. This is about a 2-hour flight. We passed the QKR gold mine and soon the landscape changed to more arid and dessert type. The rest of the journey was without any troubles and we landed safely at Swakopmund airport on runway 24. The rest of the day we spend in the beer garden and enjoying the sundowner from the the roof

Day 3
The initial plan was to fly to Uis but after some discussion we shortened the trip to Hentiesbay along the coast. Some spectacular low-lying gets the hart racing and returning Via Swakopmund and over the dunes back to Swakopmund Airport. Thomas must have picked up a puncture when landing at Hentiesbay..
On landing, the Aircraft pulled him off the runway, but he managed to keep it under control. Contacting Heiner, the local Hangar owner and Cheetah agent, he quickly helped up fix the tire.
Swakopmund is a place to relax. So, we forgot about he aircraft and spend the rest of the day drinking beer and enjoying the weather

Day 4
Returning to Windhoek we took the straight route since I had to get home urgently to say goodbye to my 14-year-old German Sheppard Figo - rip
Again, we had a wonderful trip with good company and luckily no major incidents.