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About us

Who we are

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Started as an idea over a Windhoek Lager by Thomas and Josef Henke, it quickly became reality.

Flying with passion we wanted to share the experience with like-minded pilots wherever they are. Keeping it simple and offering real hands-on flying from a base camp that will give you the real bush-flying feeling.


Flying only the South-African made Cheetah/Bushcat gives us peace of mind in terms of safety especially since the aircraft are made for the conditions we fly in

The Cheetah is built robustly and the Rotax 912, 100hp is exactly what we need for the 'hot and high' conditions in Namibia


Building the base camp, we had simplicity in mind. Talking to other pilots they agreed that pilots are not looking for luxury but rather going for the 'flying feeling' What they need is a bed, a warm shower, a cold beer at night and a sound engine when in the air.


Namibia follows ICAO standards and we make sure our aircraft are always in perfect condition. Having expert local mechanics and instructors we have no doubt you will be in good hands.


Come on and get the real flying feeling

- from Thomas, Josef and all the eager guys waiting to have a good time on and off the ground